Food Groups Detection

The next detection level on the list of semantic food features that LogMeal offers are the food groups - level 2 out of 5. It allows to detect the most relevant food groups present on the image. These food groups follow the classical structure of recommended daily intake groups of nutrients together with some other useful groups.

Each food present on the image can have a list of food groups (e.g. 'fish' and 'rice' on the example of sushi provided). The complete list of food groups currently available are:

  • 'meat': any kind of white or red meat.
  • 'dessert': dishes usually eaten as dessert.
  • 'dairy products': products derived from dairy, like milk or yogurt.
  • 'seafood': products derived from animals with shells like clams or prawns.
  • 'rice': rice or products that can contain rice.
  • 'fruit': any kind of cooked or fresh fruit.
  • 'noodles/pasta': all types of italian pasta or asian noodles.
  • 'vegetables': either cooked or raw vegetable products.
  • 'fish': fish and fish-derived products.
  • 'bread': all kinds of bread and grain-like products.
  • 'fried food': any food that was fried during its cooking procedure.
  • 'egg': that contains a relevant amount of egg.
  • 'soup': dish in the form of soup, which has a large portion of water.

The available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

Sample Code:


Sample Response:

food group detection and recognition api
food group detection sushi seafood rice

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