Food Type Detection

This is the higher level detection capability - level 1 out of 5 - on the list of semantic food features that LogMeal offers. It allows to detect the general type/category of food present on the image. This offers a high-level division of all the +880 dishes recognized by LogMeal API.

We are able to detect either if in the image there is prepared food, a drink, a fresh fruit or vegetable or a sauce. Additionally, we can detect if the picture does not contain any kind of food. This feature is perfect for large-scale image data processing and categorization. The detailed list of food types available are:

  • 'food': prepared/cooked food or elaborated dish (e.g. steak, spaghetti bolognese, caesar salad, etc.).
  • 'drink': any kind of drink (e.g. water, orange juice, beer, etc.).
  • 'ingredient': any type of fruit or raw/individual vegetable (e.g. apple, eggplant, banana, etc.).
  • 'sauce': prepared sauce or sauce-like food (e.g. soy sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.).
  • 'combination dish': dish composed of several individual and clearly distinguishable elements.
  • 'non food': the image was detected as a non-food image.

The available LogMeal API endpoint for accessing to this service is:

Sample Code:


Sample Response:

food type detection spaghetti image api food
food type detection tangerine image api ingredient

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