Nutritional Information

Which is the standard nutritional information associated to the food in the picture? Based on the list of ingredients and their quantities we provide a tailored nutritional analysis. Ideal for average long-term nutritional consumption analysis.

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Service available in the following LogMeal Plans:


LogMeal API is capable of providing nutritional information about a meal by simply taking a picture. The information provided consists of 35 nutritional indicators that includes both micro and macro nutrients. Some examples of nutritional indicators provided are: carbs, energy, cholesterol, calcium, iron, fiber, potassium, sodium, etc.

The nutritional information is calculated with respect to the ingredients information. Only after a recognition procedure has been applied on a certain image the nutritional information can be accessed. The same behaviour is required for accessing to the ingredients information service.

The available LogMeal API endpoint for accessing to this service is:

Accessible by the following Types of Users:


🔴 APIUser

🔵 APIUserManager

Sample Code:


Sample Response:

nutritional information api food tracking nutritional facts cholesterol calories
nutritional information api food diary recommended daily intake fats carbs

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