Several Dishes Recognition

Several dishes recognition is, together with single dish recognition, the third level of semantic recognition - level 3 out of 5. It can also be called 'combination dish detector' and it provides dish recognition information from images where multiple food items appear on the same dish. The dishes available on the several dish detector are much more general than the ones included on the single dish detector but cover all the general groups of foods.

The total number of dishes currently available for several dishes recognition are +70. Some examples of dishes that are available on the several dishes detector are:

  • 'meats': red meat, white meat, breaded meat, smoked meat, etc.
  • 'fishes': white fish, blue fish, breaded fish, salmon, squid, clams, etc.
  • 'vegetables': broad beans, green beans, avocado, eggplant, etc.
  • 'side dishes': sweet potato, boiled/baked potato, rice, nuts, omelette, etc.
  • 'sauces': sour cream, ketchup, brown sauce, pesto, etc.
  • 'other': couscous, pizza, pasta, chili con carne, etc.

The available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

Sample Code:


Sample Response:

several dishes recognition multilabel combination dish dutch food
several dishes recognition multilabel combination dish hummus

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